Our Mission and Model


Our Mission

Our mission is to protect tropical rainforests by partnering with people at global and local levels to create lasting solutions to deforestation.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which tropical rainforests thrive and support a balanced, healthy planet.

What We Do

We partner with forest communities to help them make an income that allows them to protect their forests.  We do this by working with communities to develop and market products made out of raw materials found only in the rainforest or by providing services that are unique to rainforest.  By developing the market for these products, locally, elsewhere in Latin America, and in the U.S., sales of these goods and services give residents a financial stake in protecting their forests.

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How We Work

Our model is collaborative, bottom-up, and results-driven.  We work with communities that want an alternative to deforestation.  By enabling communities to have an active role in project design and implementation and by using market-based approaches we collaboratively prevent deforestation and foster economic development.  By creating a global network—linking people to people, community to community—we create long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

What We Believe

The way to protect the “lungs” of the planet is to help the people who live in those “lungs” have a better standard of living, to grow their economy in harmony with their rainforest. Our vision is that, together with our partners, we will become a global leader in the development of sustainable economies to preserve tropical rainforests around the world.

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