Volunteers and Interns


Erynn Fitzgerald

Erynn, originally from the Chicago area, moved to Austin recently from Columbus, Ohio where she lived for 11 years and received her BFA in Fine Art from Ohio State University.  Erynn's graphics background includes working as a designer for a magazine publishing company as well  as years of freelance work.  She is also a traditional artist, working primarily in oil and watercolor.







Aaron Baum

Aaron Baum

Aaron is currently a student at Miramonte High School, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. As an avid debater, he enjoys researching and writing about a variety of current issues, and is eager to help the Rainforest Partnership blog about the rainforests and climate change. He also enjoys playing the violin, guitar, and electric bass, as well as doing a little star watching on the side.












Paige Rylander

Paige Rylander is a student at American University, in Washington D.C. majoring in International Relations and minoring in Communications with a focus in conflict resolution. Her love for travel prompted her to study abroad in Chile where she studied Spanish, Latin American politics, and the art of true pisco. As a native Austinite and Texan she can be found horseback riding in the hill country or hiking with her chocolate lab. Other hobbies include soccer, photography, video games, preparing for the Amazing Race/ a zombie apocalypse, and most importantly eating.








Nickie Harris

Nickie is a third year Human Ecology student at the University of Texas. Since childhood she has cultivated her interest in the environment and living a sustainable life, and is now loving the opportunity to work for Rainforest Partnership as Events and Communication Assistant. Nickie's favorite part of her job at RP is helping making significant connections between Austin businesses, community members, and the environment (along with many opportunities to wear Flash Tattoos). In her free time, Nickie enjoys vegan cooking, working out, spending time outside on the many trails here in Austin, and listening to music in the live music capital of the world.  










Tara Allen 


Animals, nature and Mother Earth have always been my passion.  Since I was a child, I’ve helped my mom with injured and orphaned wild animals, nursing them back to health so they may be released back into the wild.  I also say I have two green thumbs, with a beautiful little garden to prove it.  Plants, animals, insects, you name it, I love it and want to help protect it.  After earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication at TAMUCC, I landed a job as a news producer for several years down in Corpus Christi.  My (soon-to-be) fiancé Ty and I have lived in Austin since 2013 with our three little birds, snake and dog Rango.  We enjoy hitting the many beautiful trails Austin has to offer, going birding, biking and always a good brew with friends.











Rachael Smith


Rachael Smith is a graphic designer and environmentalist hailing from the suburbs of Chicago. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison where she studied Fine Arts and Business. After working at a small design studio in Madison for a few years, Rachael realized she had struggled through one too many Wisconsin winters and decided it was time to move south. Upon arriving in Austin, she quickly found a yoga studio and farmers market and felt right at home. In her free time Rachael enjoys going for hikes, reading books, and contemplating making her own kombucha. Rachael volunteers her design skills to Rainforest Partnership and works full time for a local ad agency. .