Sustainable development helps us all breathe easier.

Now it’s time to take up the other side of the challenge. Rainforest Partnership was founded on the principle that there are businesses, foundations, and groups of people who share our dream of sustainable development that is in harmony with the forest. We’ve learned how to turn the rainforest into real economic opportunities for the people who live there that don’t require their destruction. Now we want to connect our partners in the rainforest with new partners in the United States and beyond, fundamentally changing the lives of both.

The strength of collaborative partnerships is grounded in creating a working environment in which both parties are able to meet their respective needs and goals.  The many exciting opportunities to partner with Rainforest Partnership include:

  • Fulfilling your company’s or group’s sustainability initiatives
  • Working on project proposal and development
  • Engaging employees– volunteer opportunities, payroll giving and matching programs
  • Integrating community harvested materials and/or products into your supply chain
  • Making a one-time donation to support a specific project
  • Donating a percentage of your sales to help support a project and/or operational costs
  • Contributing in-kind products or services that help RP accomplish its mission

To discuss how a partnership with one of our partner rainforest communities will provide your business or group meaningful returns, please email info@rainforestpartnership.org or call our office at 512-420-0101.


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