How (and why) to invest wisely in rainforest conservation


RP Team

April 29, 2021

How (and why) to invest wisely in rainforest conservation

Protecting standing forests is a long term investment — and one needed urgently, on greater scales and with more ambitious goals than ever. 

We need the best returns for your investment. Because our collective future depends not just on whether we invest in our forests or not — but it depends on how we invest this capital, and how we can all work together as partners.

Partnership is in our DNA. Collaboration — whether that means between a project manager and a rainforest community member or between national governments and the private sector — is the most urgently needed capital of all. 

At the end of the day, whether you pick us or someone else to support, we all collectively win when your capital is spent in the right place for you.

The planetary stakes are too high for it to happen any other way. 


Rainforest Conservation.

It is a complicated landscape, with many actors, models, methods, and messages. We are here to help you navigate through this space and guide you on your path towards making your highest impact. 

As we say often at Rainforest Partnership: “Complex problems demand complex solutions.” 

But complexity does not mean slower or less effective solutions. The need to quickly combat the existential crises we face - climate change and biodiversity loss - make this process even more critical.

We do not have time or capital to waste. We need more than solutions. We need results.

Because of their carbon-storing capabilities, forests are best equipped in the near term to mitigate the accelerating effects of climate change. \

All of our work aims toward our bold goal of zero net deforestation by 2030. It is incumbent upon us, as leaders and partners in the conservation and environmental space, to meet this challenge by building smarter and direct solutions that produce real results.

We created this Donor’s Guide to Rainforest Conservation-- which you can read in full here or explore in the next several blogs--  to hold ourselves in this space accountable to this urgent and imperative task in this critical historic moment which will decide what the future holds for all of us. 

The Donor's Guide to Rainforest Conservation

Donor's Guide to Rainforest Conservation: Investing for impact

We created this guide for you to hold yourself accountable for putting your capital - your time, energy, money, resources - into the right places.

We hope you will embrace this complexity with us as we move through some key topics, understanding the limitations and opportunities for growth within the rainforest conservation landscape.

The key here is to know what questions to ask as you navigate through websites, annual reports, social media, and financials. This guide is here to help you ask those questions.

We're excited to share this guide with you and invite your feedback and participation in the conversation. Read the full guide here!