Rainforest Partnership and Holy Kombucha Present Yerbucha, Yerba Mate Kombucha


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December 1, 2016

Rainforest Partnership and Holy Kombucha Present Yerbucha, Yerba Mate Kombucha
Yerbucha bottles, a drink combination of yerba mate and kombucha

In July of 2015, The Rainforest Partnership and Holy Kombucha teamed up to create the delicious health drink Yerbucha. For those who are not familiar with kombucha, it is an age old tea made from fermented sugar and kombucha culture. The results of this fermentation process yields an extraordinary and distinctly vinegary beverage packed full of B vitamins, antioxidants, and gut healthy probiotics. With its distinctive flavor a kin to apple cider vinegar, many people either love it or hate it.

I personally love kombucha. I’m a fan of probiotics and sparkling beverages. For those unfamiliar with Yerba Mate (yer-bah-mah-tay), it is a tea made from the holly tree found in the South American Rainforest. Yerba Mate tea has been prepared for centuries by South America’s Aché Guayki tribe who drink the beverage for it energizing effects. The benefits of the mate plant don’t stop there, the plant contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and antioxidants making it a super food. In South American countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil, the drink is preferred to coffee.

So what inspired Holy Kombucha to create a Yerbucha? Well Leo Bianati, founder of the Fort Worth Texas Based Holy Kombucha brand describes the drink as, “a marriage of our kombucha and Guayaki’s Yerba Mate – so that you can take on your daily journey a sip of our culture and our shared passion for health and community.” The yerba mate brand Guayaki that Bianati refers to is the most popular yerba mate brand on the market. They have a mission to “restore 200,000 acres of the South American Atlantic rainforest and create over 1,000 living wage jobs by 2020.” It is this aligned mission that makes Guayki Yerba Mate the perfect muse for the new beverage.

So how would you describe the taste of this new super beverage?

Yerbucha is the perfect introduction to kombucha. For many, the intense flavors of kombucha can be too strong for unconditioned palates. But the blending of the kombucha with the tea balances out the flavor making it less strong and biting. The end result is a smooth tea with a touch of tart flavor not unlike adding a few squeezes of lemon to your iced black tea. The Yerbucha also comes in three flavors; Pineapple Caipirinha, Rise n’ Shine, and Smashing Berries. You can find Holy Kombucha and Yerbucha at Whole Foods Markets or you can search for stores near you that sell the brand by clicking here.

And with this partnership comes the shared mission of preserving the environment. For every bottle of Yerbucha sold, Holy Kombucha will donate 10₵ to the Rainforest Partnership. For more information about the brand, please visit their website.

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