Rainforest Partnership Announces Transformative $1M Gift


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September 13, 2022

Investor Rose Vitale Leads Large-Scale Shift of Capital to Women-Led Ventures

Austin, TX—Rainforest Partnership, an impact-driven international nonprofit, recently announced a $1M philanthropic donation from Rose Vitale, managing partner of DRA Family Office, host of the Female Investor Podcast and a founder of FundHER World Capital, as part of Vitale’s mission to redirect the flow of capital to female-founded and female-led ventures.

The $1M gift is the largest single gift received to date by Rainforest Partnership, which protects, conserves and regenerates tropical rainforests in the Amazon by partnering with local and indigenous communities as guardians and economic participants, renewing the essential relationship between people and nature and restoring hope through transformative action.

As an entrepreneur and investor, Vitale is passionate about transforming the landscape of funding for women, and in May, DRA Family Office announced a $10M fund dedicated to supporting female founders across for-profit sectors. Recognizing that female founders in the nonprofit space have comparable need for expanded access to capital for impact, Vitale selected the high-impact, international non-governmental organization Rainforest Partnership, founded by CEO Niyanta Spelman, as her first major gift of transformative philanthropy.

“As a women-led, majority women-powered organization, it’s an incredible honor for Rainforest Partnership to be chosen and recognized with this gift,” said Rainforest Partnership founder and CEO Niyanta Spelman. “Not only will it help our organization thrive, but it directly impacts our on-the-ground work with rainforest communities, including our women-powered projects, supporting sustainable livelihoods, enabling long-term forest conservation and benefiting our entire planet.”

Women-led conservation nonprofits are historically underfunded, noted Spelman. Of philanthropic foundation support directed to climate-related causes, only 0.2% focuses explicitly on women and the environment. In addition, just 1 to 5% of total funding directed toward environmental protection and climate actually reaches indigenous and local communities (IPLCs) working on the ground in rainforest communities, which research shows is only 3% of the funding necessary to ensure sustainable environmental protection.

“This injection of critical capital in Rainforest Partnership will help this powerful, purpose-driven, female-centered nonprofit move toward long-term sustainability and further the impact of their on-the-ground work,” said Vitale. "I firmly believe that when you empower women, you change lives, whether on a local, national, or global scale.”

Vitale invites others to donate to the cause, as well. "If you're ready to create large-scale impact, I invite you to align with me in elevating Niyanta and Rainforest Partnership by making your own gift of transformative philanthropy,” she said.

About Rainforest Partnership

Rainforest Partnership is an impact-driven international organization that uses the power of collaboration to protect tropical rainforests in some of the most critical places on Earth for biodiversity and climate. Working directly with indigenous and local communities, organizations and governments at all levels, Rainforest Partnership builds trust-based partnerships and ground-up solutions that support sustainable livelihoods, enable durable forest protection and ecosystem regeneration, reverse biodiversity loss and halt global climate impacts from deforestation.

For more information on Rainforest Partnership, visit https://www.rainforestpartnership.org.

About Rose Vitale

Rose Vitale is Managing Partner at DRA Family Office, a private investment firm based in San Diego. She is also the Founder of the Female Founders Pitch Summit, Host of the Women in Business Podcast, and a Founder of FundHER World Capital. Under her leadership, along with her partners, DRA Family Office announced in May the creation of DRA Investment Fund I, a $10 million fund dedicated to supporting women business owners in different sectors by granting them access to capital. For more information on DRA Family Office, visit https://drafamilyoffice.com and FundHER World Capital http://fundher.world/

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