Capacity building for decision-makers
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Capacity building for decision-makers

Our goal: This project will enable successful long term conservation policy and implementation in the Ayacucho Region. The remarkable biodiversity and variety in ecosystems within the tropical Andes makes effective conservation policy particularly important. Because of this, the Regional Government of Ayacucho took critical steps towards ensuring long term success of regional conservation by working with RP to design and lead a course called: “Biodiversity management through the evaluation, monitoring, and sustained use of natural resources in the Ayacucho region.”

How does this project achieve our goal?

When it comes to conservation management, governance, policy, and leadership, knowledge-sharing can mean the difference between successful and failed projects. Working with local leadership ensures the long term success of conservation and management efforts. 

This course strengthens the capacities of regional and local government officials and community leaders to lead conservation programs in the region and implement them effectively.

‍Capacity building initiatives like this one create the conditions for long term, self-sustaining conservation impact.

How it works

Who we work with

The local leaders who participate develop the tools to ensure successful and long lasting conservation management, monitoring, and research. In the future, the course will be expanded to train more leaders in more regions of Peru.

Working with the Regional Government of Ayacucho, we developed an intensive (20 hours per week) and interactive program on a wide range of crucial topics, including: biological diversity, conservation, and social issues like gender, business, and intercultural collaboration. 

  1. Regional Government Ayacucho
  2. Municipalities of Chungui, Anco and Oronccoy
  3. Asociación Pro Fauna Silvestre
  4. Asociación Indígena Mayunmarca
  5. Universidad Nacional San Cristóbal

  • 96 trained government officials and community leaders
  • 44 of the participants were women
  • Course model and template to be replicated and expanded on to strengthen the capacities of more leaders in other regions

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