Ecosystem regeneration and planting native trees
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Ecosystem regeneration and planting native trees

Our goal: This project will restore an area threatened by deforestation by promoting agroforestry, restoration, and sustainable agriculture as alternative sources of income for local people. The cloudforests of Pampa Hermosa District are home to many endangered, endemic, and unique species-- we recently found a population of the critically endangered Yellow-tailed woolly monkey and a recent herpetological survey found an approximate of 8 species new to science-- as well as complex landscapes that feed the Amazon basin.

How does this project achieve our goal?

Agroforestry and forest regeneration supports the region’s thriving biodiversity and strengthens vital ecosystem services like fresh water sources, pollination, and storm resilience. 

By simultaneously promoting sustainable agriculture, the project builds local economic stability and food security which empowers local communities to effectively manage and protect their lands.

How it works

Who we work with

We are working alongside local farmers in the District of Pampa Hermosa to plant native trees on degraded lands. From preparing the soil to planting the seedlings, we support the farmers at each step in the process to ensure that the trees survive and thrive over time and that the restoration is successful long term. 


  • 128 degraded hectares reforested.
  • 20,000 seedlings planted
  • 30 empowered local farmers leading the way

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