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Welcome to Rainforest Partnership Publishing! We’re highlighting inspirational storytelling, exciting ideas, groundbreaking research, and in-depth knowledge about rainforests to increase awareness, understanding, and collective action necessary to end deforestation by 2030.

Through a series of educational, inspirational, and tactical publications, we’ll share the many voices of the rainforests to educate and empower new audiences to act on their behalf. We invite you to immerse yourself in the ground truths of rainforests, explore their meaning, revel in their beauty, and let them inspire your own creativity and advocacy.

Frog (Hyloscirtus Diabolus) Perched on a Tree Branch in the Peruvian Rainforest. Photograph by Pablo Venegas.

Our Books

The Donor’s Guide to Rainforest Conservation

Have you ever wondered if your contributions to conservation are being used in the best way possible? This book can serve as your guide and toolkit to maximize your contributions toward rainforest conservation and your impact for our planet.

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The Tropical Andes: An Illustrated Journey Through Time written and illustrated by Amalia Llano Bojanini

Tropical Andes: An Illustrated Journey Through Time

Set in the Colombian hills of Villa de Leyva, a young curious girl is inspired by an ancient colossal creature that lived millions of years ago. Once roaming the depths of our oceans, it now has something to teach us about the creation of the Tropical Andes, an astonishing region of diverse rainforests spanning 7 countries and reaching high above the clouds.

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