Rainforest Academy 

Welcome to Rainforest Academy, where you can find everything you need to know about rainforests. Play games, watch videos, and navigate through our exciting modules to learn while having fun. Whether you are curious about rainforests or want to give your career in sustainability or conservation a boost, the Rainforest Academy will deliver. 

Why take this course?


Access our archive of fun and engaging information about rainforests


Accelerate your career in conservation and sustainability


Become more hopeful about the planet’s future by learning how you can protect rainforests and act to address climate change

How are rainforests connected to your shampoo? How are they connected to pandemics? Why are rainforests our best ally when it comes to addressing climate change? How are the Sahara desert and the Amazon rainforest deeply intertwined? Find the answers to these fascinating questions in our exciting, explorative modules. Learn through videos, case studies, games, and interviews; get to know our planet’s astounding biodiversity and its exuberant rainforests while learning how you can help protect them.

We have been protecting tropical rainforests for 15 years - rainforests are what we know best!  So we want to bring the rainforests to you, wherever and whoever you are. Our goal is to make rainforest education accessible to everyone by sharing knowledge on everything from how rainforests are present in our daily lives, to how they are the bedrock of cultures and livelihoods and why they’re critical to the future of our planet.

Choose from our program of foundational and specialized modules. The foundational modules cover broad topics like the fundamentals of rainforest ecology, climate change, the role of rainforests in the global economy, or how to conserve rainforests in the long term and spot real impact. Our specialized elective modules provide an in-depth discussion of selected topics of interest, such as why deforestation can lead to pandemics, or how industries like fashion are related to deforestation and other environmental challenges. 

Module #1: Rainforests and you

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