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We're on a mission to help communities protect their rainforests.          

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Your Impact

Did you know that deforestation contributes to around 17% of all global carbon emissions in the atmosphere annually? That's more than the emissions of all the world’s cars and trucks combined. We have already lost almost one third of the world's rainforest. We're on a mission to ensure the remaining two thirds is allowed to survive and thrive! Here's how you're helping Rainforest Partnership address this issue:

Aiding 2,672 People in the Creation of Alternative Income Sources

Our unique bottom-up approach is the sustainable solution to protecting the rainforest. We help communities create income in a way that doesn't involve destroying the forest.

Saving 125,000 Acres of Rainforests

The rainforest not only contains an estimated 50% of all terrestrial life on earth, it also provides clean air for the entire planet and food for hundreds of millions of people. Every acre counts!

Storing 468,750 Tons of Carbon Dioxide

Regardless of whether you live in New Guinea, New York, or New Delhi, we share the same atmosphere.  Without healthy rainforests acting as the lungs of the planet, none of us will breathe clean air. Get involved today!

Join us to create sustainable incomes in the rainforest, save acres of trees, and store CO2 for a healthy and sustainable future.