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Achuar children

Help the Achuar Community & Save 1.1M Hectares of Rainforest!

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Today, the Achuar’s way of life and survival is threatened by international oil companies exploring and drilling for oil. With YOUR support we can partner with the Achuar community to build sustainable businesses based on the natural resources in their territory. For less than $20 you can help us save one hectare of land (approximately 2.5 acres) in the rainforest. What happens there will affect us everywhere. Learn more...

Handmade Brooms

Sustainable Harvesting of Piassaba Palm Fiber

Chipaota, Peru

We helped create a management plan to counter unsustainable harvesting practices that had resulted in the local disappearance of piassaba palm. The community is also producing brooms, a value-added product. This project allows the community to sustainably, both ecologically and economically, harvest this while protecting their forest for the future. Learn more...

Handicraft Project

Chipaota, Peru

Our team in Peru is working with the women of Chipaota to create handicrafts and utensils from nontimber products using indigenous methods. Their products are being connected to local and national markets while basic marketing and accounting skills are developed within the artisan group. Learn More...

Kichwa Handicrafts

Sani Isla, Ecuador

We have partnered with the Ecuadorian Conservación y Desarrollo, on a project in the Amazon. Our team works with women to create and market handicrafts using seeds and other forest products. This alternative income stream promotes the recovery of native species in the forest. Learn More...

Colibri project

Infrastructure For Ecotourism

Colibri Cloudforest, Peru

We are helping the communities of Colibri Cloudforest develop an infrastructure to support and market ecotourism. This project builds diverse and sustainable income sources, and protects this beautiful and biodiverse cloudforest from unsustainable agricultural and ranching practices. Learn More...

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