Protecting rainforests from the ground up, top-down, and from all angles at once.

From crafting management plans with rainforest communities to bringing the world together on World Rainforest Day-- Rainforest Partnership protects standing forests  from the ground up, the top down, and from all angles at once.

We are fiercely committed to championing hope; we project, embody, and radiate hope as a critical tool that drives real action and real connection.

Rainforest Partnership conserves and restores tropical rainforests to support a healthy and vibrant planet.


december 2007

Rainforest Partnership is founded

The idea for Rainforest Partnership crystallized in 2007 after conducting extensive research and holding in-depth conversations with about 200 people. This inspiration became a collective vision and now RP has dedicated teams and partners in Texas, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia and elsewhere with a common goal of fulfilling RP’s mission to protect tropical rainforests.

Rainforest partnership logo
A lake from the rainforest.
Foggy morning in the rainforest
Rainforest partnership project logo
november 2008

First project funded in Peru

We successfully partnered with the community of Chipaota in the Peruvian Amazon conserving 9,000 acres by creating a plan to sustainably harvest the piassaba palm fiber - the community’s principal economic asset.

may 2010

Films for the Forest competition launched and screened

Films For the Forest (F3) is a global short film competition that strives, through the powerful medium of film, to create awareness about the importance of tropical rainforests and the ongoing threats faced by forests and their communities

Films for the forest logo
Films for the forest event poster.
Mayor of Austin and the RP team.
World Rainforest Day logo
june 2017

World Rainforest Day launched

World Rainforest Day was created in 2017 to celebrate the importance and diversity of rainforests, foster a sense of shared, global responsibility and stewardship, and ignite collective action to protect tropical rainforests around the world.

june 2020

Gen Z for the Trees

Gen Z for the Trees (Z4T) is a youth-oriented and entirely youth-led initiative with a bold mission: engage youth on rainforest protection, overcome the oversimplification of conservation work, and shift the narrative on climate change from despair to optimism and action.

Gen Z for the trees logo
Gen Z for the Trees team.

Our team

Our team is our most powerful form of capital. We bring together volunteers, interns, employees, contractors,  pro bono experts, and partners, creating a pool of wealth
designed for resilience.

Our team is the wealth that powers our high-impact engine and enables us to create vast and lasting results at lower costs.

The multitude of backgrounds, voices, talents, and resources each of our team members brings comes together to form a powerful collective patchwork of rainforest partners.

Our role as convener of this wide network makes us nimble, creative, strategic, and bold. 

World map of volunteers.

Our team is as diverse as the rainforests we protect.

Photo of Niyanta Spelman

Niyanta Spelman
Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

Photo of Fanny Cornejo

Fanny Cornejo
Country Director

Photo of Beth Caplan

Beth Caplan
Chief Strategy Officer

Photo of Carlos Tello

Carlos Tello

Photo of Monica Alzamora

Monica Alzamora
Conservation Director

Photo of Nabeel Vira.

Nabeel Vira
Director of Operations

Photo of Raina Chinitz.

Raina Chinitz
Projects Coordinator

Photo of Amalia Llano.

Amalia Llano
Education & Research Coordinator

Photo of Sophie Molinari.

Sophie Molinari
Director of Engagement

Photo of Rosa Cordillo

Rosa Gordillo
Amazonas & Ucayali
Projects Coordinator

Photo of Angelica

Angélica Camargo Flórez
Communications Coordinator

Photo of Natalia López

Natalia López
Project Assistant

Photo of Kevin López

Kevin López
Project Technician

Photo of Gerson Ferrer

Gerson Ferrer

Photo of Jennifer Jin

Jennifer Jin
Digital Marketing & Outreach

Photo of Floro Ortiz

Floro Ortiz
Ayacucho Projects

Photo of Leeah Dollar-Olmos

Leeah Dollar-Olmos
Global Engagement Coordinator

Photo of Roshan (Rosie) Khan

Roshan (Rosie) Khan
Gen Z for the Trees

Photo of Mihnea Patrascu

Mihnea Patrascu
Website UI/UX Designer

Photo of Nia Gorbunova

Nia Gorbunova
World Rainforest Day Coordinator

Photo of Rick Baraff

Rick Baraff
Creative Consultant and Videographer

Photo of Katie zurBurg Tabor

Katie zurBurg Tabor
Administrative Amplifer

Photo of Bridget Palmer

Bridget Palmer
Administrative Amplifer

Photo of Caitlin Cutter

Caitlin Cutter
Partner Engagement

Photo of Hana Hussaini

Hana Hussaini
Gen Z for the Trees Outreach

Photo of Kim Chua

Kim Chua
Graphic Designer

Photo of Phoebe Yeung

Phoebe Yeung
Graphic Designer

Photo of Senaida Cerda

Senaida Cerda
Ecuador Project Coordinator

Photo of Geovanny Siquihua

Geovanny Siquihua
Ecuador Project Coordinator

Logo of Rainforest Partnership

Karo Carvajal
Graphic Designer

Photo of Katelynn Rivera

Katelynn Rivera
Recruitment and HR

Photo of Antuane Cornejo

Antuane Cornejo
Project Assistant

Photo of María Albornoz

María Albornoz

Logo of Rainforest Partnership

Percy Saravia
Productive Project Specialist

Photo of Pablo Venegas

Pablo Venegas
Biodiversity Scientist


Photo of Deborah Tompkins

Deborah Tompkins
Communications & Training Specialist

Logo of Rainforest Partnership

Colborn Bell
Digital Asset Advisor

Logo of Rainforest Partnership

Preeyus Patel
Environmental Advisor for Gen Z for the Trees

Photo of Salmeron Barnes

Salmeron Barnes
Strategic Advisor

Photo of Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas
Marketing & Outreach Advisor

Board members

Photo of Hazel Barbour

Hazel Barbour
Board Treasurer

Photo of Lina Constantinovici

Lina Constantinovici
Board Secretary

Photo of Lucia Gallardo

Lucia Gallardo
Board Member

Photo of Kristin Owen

Kristin Owen
Board Member

Photo of Frank Richards.

Frank Richards
Immediate Past Board Chair

In the press