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Rainforest Partnership Privacy Policy

Updated: 5/25/2018

Rainforest Partnership takes your privacy very seriously. As of May 2018, Rainforest Partnership is compliant with the new European Union data collections laws, known as Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What Do We Collect?

Rainforest Partnership only collects data that you give voluntarily through web forms, sign-up sheets, and other correspondence. Typically this data only includes a person’s name, email address, telephone number, and mailing address, when provided.

We do not collect credit card data, social security numbers, social media engagement, medical records, or any other identifying information.

We do not collect financial history. All financial data provided for donations is collected by third-party vendors, such as PayPal. Rainforest Partnership does not have access to this data, nor do we store this data internally.

Rainforest Partnership uses services such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords, but we do not track or store your IP address, nor do we track your browsing activity.

What Do We Do With Your Data?

Rainforest Partnership never sells or rents your data. All data we collect is stored securely through third-party, contracted services that use encryption methods when storing personal data.

Rainforest Partnership has internal measures to safely collect, store and remove personal data. In the event of a data breach, Rainforest Partnership has protocols in place, and will notify those affected by the data breach within 48 hours.

What Can You Do?

You have the right to request what data Rainforest Partnership has regarding you, at any time.

You have the right to update or correct the data we have.

You have the right to have your data removed completely from Rainforest Partnership’s database.

To take action regarding your personal data, please email info@rainforestpartnership.org, or call us at +1 512-420-0101.

We may update our privacy from time to time. Please check your email for notices of updates, and check this page. The date of the most updated version of our privacy policy is always at the top of the page.