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The planet needs its forests. And we need each other.

To protect the future of the world’s rainforests, we need everyone on board — from governments at all levels, to wealthy philanthropists, environmental activists, youth, corporations, and citizens around the world.

We are building a global network of Rainforest Partners coming together to protect the future of our shared planet.
We invite you, whoever you are, to join us.


“We value our volunteers and interns, because they offer their diverse talents and passion for our mission to increase our positive impact in tropical rainforest protection.  At any given time, we have a diverse group of volunteers working alongside our staff as critical members of the Rainforest Partnership team.” – Niyanta Spelman, CEO

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Collaborating Partner

Absolutely integral to our impact are our community partnerships, who act as Collaborating Partners. The vast wealth of traditional knowledge, social and institutional strategy, labor, and time that the communities we work with share with us is the key mechanism that enables our joint work to create higher impact at lower cost.

Impact Partner

Impact Partners invest in real results and see the outsized impact of their monetary support. By sponsoring a particular project or aspect of our work, Impact Partners ensure that their contributions translate directly into impact in their area of interest. Impact Partners invest in tangible, long-lasting impact for tropical rainforest conservation.

Enterprise Partner

Enterprise Partners are focused on commerce and entrepreneurship. Together, we carve out pockets of the private sector that work to benefit communities and support rainforest protection at the same time. . These mutually beneficial relationships translate entrepreneurship into conservation action-- and everyone benefits.

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