Join Rainforest Partnership as we all work to protect and conserve the world's rainforests.

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What our clients say

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Photo of Hazel Barbour
Hazel Barbour
Founding Board Chair and Current Board Treasurer

"Having been part of Rainforest Partnership since its birth, I am continually impressed with the organization’s achievements for the people of the forests, for the trees, and for the fight against climate change. Thank you to our remarkable staff, volunteers, and supporters who stand ready to do even more to achieve our mission."

John Bellett
Executive Director, Hollomon Price Foundation

"The preservation of the rainforest was HPF’s Founder’s passion. It inspired her to form the Holloman Price Foundation. The work of  preserving and conserving the Peruvian Rainforest and its inhabitants is crucial for the future of our planet. Hollomon Price Foundation is proud to partner with RP."

Photo of Senaida Cerda
Senaida Cerda
RP Project Manager in Ecuador & member of the Kichwa community of Sani Isla

"The work we are doing with RP in the Ecuadorian Amazon is super important to me and to the communities. Our work together further equips them with the tools they need to continue protecting forests and biodiversity in their own ways-- and to conserve cultural identity and ancestral knowledge for future generations."