4th Annual World Rainforest Day Activated Millions Around the World



June 22, 2020

Zoom meeting

Rainforest Partnership launched the very first World Rainforest Day in 2017 as an annual collaborative effort to celebrate and raise awareness about the importance tropical rainforests. We hoped to draw attention to the relationship between exploitation of our rainforests and climate disruption, and encourage action everywhere to save these precious resources. This June 22nd, for the 4th annual World Rainforest Day, we reached 29 million individuals globally through the efforts of dozens of organizations around the world.

Rainforest Partnership was a key player, bringing together dozens of global and individual partners that highlighted key rainforest conservation efforts.

Here are some of Rainforest Partnership's newly launched projects that sustain World Rainforest Day’s energy the whole year round.

Gen Z for the Trees

Look out for Rainforest Partnership’s very own youth-led activist network! Young people everywhere are shaping important conversations in society today, from social justice to climate change activism and everything in between. "Gen Z for the Trees" harnesses the passion, talent, and efforts of this generation to come together to protect rainforests. Sign up today to organize in the fight against deforestation and help create a more sustainable future.

Films for the Forest is Back!

This World Rainforest Day, we announced the soft launch of the 11th annual Films for the Forest (F3) competition. The screening will be held both in person at SXSW and virtually for our global audience in 2021. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and start filming for this year's competition theme, “Speak for the Trees”! Look out for more details about the competition come July 22 on our website: www.filmsfortheforest.org.

Ongoing Catalog of the Reptile and Amphibian Species of Peru

Together with a team of herpetologists in the mountainous Pampa Hermosa forests of Peru, Rainforest Partnership was able to identify and catalog some of the principal reptile and amphibian species that inhabit these mountainous areas. 

Now, with our educational infographics, all are able to identify different species as characterized by their color, shape, and size. Through this initiative, we look to strengthen the body of knowledge on this herpetofauna for the purpose of its conservation. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to the Regional Government of Junin, the municipality of Pampa Hermosa, and the residents of the San Antonio Annex. 

World Rainforest Day Reptile flyer

CryptoCurrency Campaign with CoinPayments

Last World Rainforest Day, the CoinPayments cryptocurrency community helped fundraise over $70,000 in donations for Rainforest Partnership, spearheading rainforest conservation on a global scale.

They’re joining forces with Rainforest Partnership again this year, with a goal of doubling the amount of giving! With just a few clicks, anyone can join their community and donate to the cause of preserving rainforests. You can help fund Rainforest Partnership’s 2020 goal of protecting 500,000+ acres of rainforest through projects in rainforest communities in Peru and Ecuador. Learn more and get involved at CoinPayments today. 


There you have it, fellow rainforest defenders. There’s so much to be done to help protect our rainforests and Rainforest Partnership is committed to leading the charge. 

Thank you for being a part of our community and this movement. We all have the power to inspire, make an impact, and transform the world into a more sustainable planet. Join us today to help effect a more just, habitable planet for future generations.