Climate Week NYC 2020: One Week to go!


Raina Chinitz

September 14, 2020

Climate Week NYC 2020: One Week to go!

Climate Week NYC 2020 is a huge virtual event with serious goals: cut global emissions in half by the end of the decade, ensure a just transition to a future with net-zero emissions. Climate Week NYC will bring together hundreds of global participants, and Rainforest Partnership is thrilled to be hosting three exciting events!

Gen Z for the Trees Seven Day Challenge

Gen Z for the Trees is Rainforest Partnership’s youth-led initiative working for net-zero deforestation and positive climate action. The team is launching a Seven Day Challenge to encourage our online community to do one tangible thing each day during Climate Week (Sept 21-27) to benefit the world’s rainforests! 

The Challenge starts on the first day of NYC Climate Week – Monday, September 21st – which is also the day we will be hosting a youth panel led by Gen Z for the Trees organizers.  We will talk about our audacious goal of achieving net-zero deforestation by 2030 and our central strategies of getting to that goal: education, inspiration, and advocacy. 

The Seven Day Challenge will offer many fun and effective ways to support rainforest conservation in our daily lives. 

Gen Z for the Trees aims to empower other young people with knowledge and energy to build a vibrant, active global community working to build a better future for the world’s forests, climate, and peoples. 

Event page for the Seven Day Challenge 

Sign up for the kickoff event here!

Welcome all environmentalists and storytellers! Films for the Forest is a short film showcase for unique stories of indiginous peoples, endangered animals, environmental activists, and scientists from around the globe. 

Rainforest Partnership will be showing a selection of films from the 2020 Films for the Forest fest. Audiences have two chances to watch the program: Tuesday, September 22nd and Friday, September 25th. 

Along with a number of impactful, award-winning films from 2020, the program will also feature interviews from some of the filmmakers along with an exciting new partnership announcement for the 2021 competition. 

You can watch it all on the Rainforest Partnership website under NYC Climate Week!

Next-Gens: Transforming Our Future

On Thursday, September 24th, Rainforest Partnership would like to invite all Next-Gens to claim their powerful voices in making an impact for the world’s vital rainforests and a better tomorrow at our “Transforming Our Future” virtual Climate Week event. 

Through videos, interviews, and a sneak-peek of a brand new RP ambassador program, “Transforming Our Future” will illustrate the immense power and potential of Next-Gen to turn the tide of climate change.  The goal is to inspire our friends around the world to act for climate justice through real solutions and in-depth education. 


Rainforest Partnership recognizes that empowering youth is essential to achieving success for climate action. We are committed to creating opportunities for meaningful input and collaboration so that we can grow an action-oriented community. 

Check out the event here and make sure to join the live Q&A on FB!

Forest People – Chico Mendes Documentary

RP is thrilled to present the premier of Forest People, a documentary film inspired by Brazilian forest activist Chico Mendes. Chico, known as the “Master Forester,” was assassinated in 1988 for defending the Amazonian Rainforest and organizing the “Forest Alliance” between rubber tappers, indigenous peoples, and river communities in Brazil.

Forest People is a documentary about a community of rubber tappers that has managed to both make a living and be effective guardians of a natural reserve in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest for over 30 years.

The screening will be on September 26 from 7-9pm ET!

More on RP at Climate Week here!