Conversations in Climate Activism with Gen Z for the Trees


Raina Chinitz

September 11, 2020

Conversations in Climate Activism with Gen Z for the Trees

Gen Z for the Trees, as partner and initiative of Rainforest Partnership, is working towards global net-zero deforestation by  2030. Yes, we set an actual deadline to complete this mission, and meeting that deadline will require real action. We’re inviting you to join us. It’s going to take all of us pressing for change, strengthening our climate activism, and taking steps to combat deforestation.

Our vision goes beyond net-zero deforestation, though.

Our Future to Build

In the face of the wildfires raging in California and the Amazon, rising sea levels, and melting glaciers, we’re building something even more powerful: a coalition of young people across the globe, learning from each other, collaborating to shift the conversations on the climate crisis, demanding accountability and real structural change, and ultimately taking control of our own future.

The only world we have ever known is marked by intensifying "natural" disasters, threats of extinctions, displacement, and rising seas. We are more familiar with selfishness and inaction from those in power than with a world before climate change. Despite growing up with a constant and collective sense of uncertainty, anxiety, and anger, Gen Z has a clear vision for a better future: a world moving away from fossil fuels, wasteful consumerism, and entrenched systems of environmental injustice. And around the world we see young people organizing to make that future a reality.

We are the most powerful when we work together, when we share our diverse perspectives and when we challenge one another. We know that there are more young people like us out there, who are dealing with the effects of climate change and climate injustice, grappling with an uncertain future, and who are looking to act on our characteristic Gen Z impulse to organize, act, and rebuild. This is the reason we formed Gen Z for the Trees. And we welcome you to be a part of this conversation.

Introducing: Conversations in Climate Activism with Gen Z for the Trees

That’s why we’re so excited to announce a new, bi-monthly blog series which will incorporate our guiding tenets: education, inspiration, and action. By collaborating with other groups and activists like us, we are building a resource for our generation to learn how to practice socially conscious, and effective activism. We’ll discuss topics such as becoming young activists, the connection between mental health and climate activism, and intersectional environmental activism. 

There is so much we can learn just by talking and listening to each other. Gen Z has a lot of work to do and a lot of systems to dismantle. But we’ve got the vision, the impulse towards justice, the energy, AND the answers.

Stay tuned for our first official guest, which we will announce on our social media next week.


Lastly, we are SO excited to announce that Gen Z For The Trees will be kicking off Climate Week in NYC with a panel on Monday, September 21st. The panel will feature youth leaders from our team, and we’ll kick off our seven day social media campaign, with daily challenges to complete as a fun and effective way to support rainforest conservation!

We look forward to working with you on the frontlines. 

-Your friends at Gen Z For the Trees. 

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