Entrepreneur Jason Butcher joins Rainforest Partnership Board of Directors


RP Team

May 30, 2024

Global entrepreneur Jason Butcher has been welcomed as the newest member of the Rainforest Partnership Board of Directors.

Butcher currently supports entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthropists who share a vision of making the world a better place through initiatives in global impact, mental health, wellbeing, and anti-aging. With over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, he has built and scaled businesses across diverse industries and markets, adapting to the ever-changing needs and challenges of the world.

Let's get to know a little more about what makes Jason Passionate about RP's work.

What are the top 3 reasons you wanted to get involved with Rainforest Partnership?

  1. I am inspired by Rainforest Partnership's innovative approach to rainforest conservation.
  2. I am eager to contribute my personal  experience, mentorship, and strategic guidance to support the Rainforest Partnership team's mission.
  3. I am motivated by the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to creating positive change.

What excites you most about RP’s mission and work?

I'm passionate about Rainforest Partnership's mission because it tackles one of the most pressing global challenges: preserving our planet's vital rainforests. The teams commitment to sustainable conservation efforts not only protects biodiversity but also empowers local communities and mitigates climate change. The opportunity to contribute to such impactful work, making a tangible difference in the world, excites me.

What does a successful RP look like to you?

I believe a successful Rainforest Partnership embodies thriving rainforest ecosystems, empowered local communities, and global awareness of the importance of conservation. Success is measured by tangible conservation outcomes, such as increased forest coverage, biodiversity preservation, and improved livelihoods for indigenous communities. Additionally, metrics like reduced deforestation rates, carbon sequestration levels, and stakeholder engagement signify success. Beyond numbers, a successful partnerships foster long-term relationships with stakeholders, inspire advocacy, and drive systemic change.

Ultimately, Rainforest Partnership's success is defined by its ability to create lasting positive impact on rainforests, communities, and the planet as a whole.

How will YOU contribute to a successful board term?

I believe by leveraging my skills in management, business strategy, and strategic partnerships, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and global connections, I offer a unique blend of expertise. As a connector, strategic thinker, achiever, and futuristic visionary, I am poised to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and deliver impactful results during my board term.