An Inside View of COP28


RP Team

December 4, 2023

Picking up a badge in the registration zone

What is COP28?

If what you know about COP comes solely from news coverage, you might think that it’s all formal debate and negotiations about climate policy, largely or solely by government representatives.  

In reality, it’s so much more than the province of governments.

Knowing what COP is really like enables all of us to better seek, interpret, and act on the broader and more impactful action taking place.

COP28, like the climate conferences of past years, is a multi-dimensional climate centered gathering of people from non-governmental organizations, the business sector, academia, technical experts, and, yes, governments from around the world.  

COP creates a unique space for all of these players to meet, discuss, connect, partner, share, inspire, and join in action. There are the main events, the formal “Conference of the Parties,” many official side events and exhibits, and semi-infinite opportunities for informal connections among the diverse attendees.

This year, over 70,000 people from all of those cohorts are expected to come together in Dubai, with the intention of accelerating meaningful climate action. One great resource to tap into is the official blog of the event from the UNFCCC.

We’re going to share experiences and insights from COP28 that go beyond the headlines and give you a feel for what it’s like to be in that intimate, 70,000 person space.  

Where to start?

With RP’s Operations and Program Associate Luther vom Eigen as he arrives at his first COP.

Luther’s first day inside the “Blue Zone” was spent getting oriented: figuring out where things were, registering and getting his water bottle and metro card from the UN Delegation Services Building, and navigating the way to his first events.

First challenge: Picking up a badge in the registration zone, along with the thousands of other newly arrived attendees.  


On the move in the Blue Zone.

Attending the first sessions: as one of RP’s Observer Delegates, Luther began by checking out the Plenary Sessions.

The Blue Zone at night.

The end of the first day.  With the logistics down and his feet on the ground, Luther will be sharing both the substantive action and the inside the venue buzz. Stay tuned for his first video and updates.