Introducing: Rainforest Ambitions, a three day World Rainforest Day 2021 celebration


Nia Gorbunova & Veronica Rebollo

May 14, 2021

Introducing: Rainforest Ambitions, a three day World Rainforest Day 2021 celebration

There's light ahead.  There's a growing sense of possibility and opportunity, even as we continue to navigate global challenge.

There's a new era dawning for conservation and restoration of the natural world, and it's happening not just here and there; it's happening everywhere around the globe.  Rainforest and the challenges they face are now front page news.  There is an unprecedented and growing level of demand for progress in rainforest conservation and restoration; the world is eager, ready for engagement, action, impact and real change.  

And that's why now is the moment to catalyze action for the forest, to create powerful movement toward our Rainforest Ambitions.

The past few years have been testing - a global pandemic, the intensifying consequences of climate change around the world, political leaders neglecting environmental agendas. But all of this has not stopped people around the globe from mobilizing for sustainability and the natural world. We’ve seen waves of people, led by young activists and trailblazers like Greta Thunberg, coming together to demand climate action and accountability; indigenous forest defenders such as the women of Mujeres Amazonicas, uniting to protect their land and reclaim stewardship of their natural resources; leaders rejoining the Paris Agreement and affirming their commitment to global environmental agendas. 

Building on the waves of hope and action rising around us, World Rainforest Day is excited to launch Rainforest Ambitions to honor all those whose commitment to rainforest conservation has persevered through challenges, producing amazing results!

This year, we will extend our World Rainforest Day celebrations over three days of engaging programming carefully crafted in collaboration with our partners, each day revolving around a specific pillar of our 2021 theme: Protected Together. Now. Forever.  

There is something for everyone. The program will include online panel discussions, workshops, concerts, film screenings, podcasts, guided meditations and much more! 

Protected Together. Now. Forever.  

Day 1 / Protected Together

On day one, we celebrate collaboration

We all share responsibility to protect and restore our world’s rainforests, that’s why all voices should be heard. From global leaders to local communities, researchers and academics to impassioned citizens, and above all, forest inhabitants at the forefront of this mission-- everyone should have a seat at the table. It is of utmost importance to establish links of cooperation across nations, sectors and cultures, leaving prejudices behind and creating spaces for dialogue, knowledge exchange, and participatory decision-making.

Day 2 / Now

On day two, we will focus on progress. Real action with impactful outcomes on the ground. 

How are 2020 policy ambitions and commitments materializing on the ground? What has already been achieved? We will showcase high-impact initiatives that create tangible outcomes. We will illuminate the progress that has been achieved over the past year, and shine a light on the changemakers paving the way forward.

Day 3 / Forever

On the final day, we foster long-lasting impact. 

We will honor and amplify initiatives that deliver durable impact built on the principles of permanence, sustainability, and resilience-- programs that empower others to act as rainforest guardians or raise environmental awareness. Particularly vital are those led by youth, stewards of the future and integrity of our planet.

The celebration starts on the 20th of June and culminates on the 22nd of June, coinciding with World Rainforest Day...and you are invited! 

Join us - and bring friends, family, colleagues: the more, the merrier!

The full program will be available soon, with most sessions free and open to the public. Save the date! 

Please get in touch with us if you would like to take an active part in the organization of our program, bringing Rainforest Ambitions to life. Partner proposals are being accepted through May 22.

Reach out to us at to discuss partnership opportunities. We are eager to hear from you.

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