Rainforest Partnership: a Voice for Forests at COP26


RP Team

November 3, 2021

Gen Z and Rainforest Partnership team members stand outside at COP26 event in Glasgow, Scotland.

Yesterday the last members of RP's in-person COP26 delegation landed in Glasgow—we’re now at full strength and ready for action! Our six delegate-observers are at #COP26 to elevate the world’s collective voice for the forests, contribute our knowledge, add powerful global partnerships, activate youth and more—all to accelerate powerful results.  

From now to November 12th, The RP team will be deployed to events throughout the COP zone:  participate in discussions, in-person and virtually, to demand further commitments towards preserving our precious forest resources as we recommit and contribute our efforts to this shared goal.  We’ll be everywhere; keep an eye out to catch us at events.

Five Rainforest Partnership team members at COP26 standing out in front of a house
RP's COP26 delegation (from left(: Jamie Ziah, Roshan Khan, Lucia Gallardo, Niyanta Spelman, and Nia Gorbunova (not pictured: Ani Chahal Honan)

Why are we so excited about all of this?

Protecting standing rainforests is a high-return, cost-effective, no-brainer solution that stores immense amounts of carbon--our best line of defense against the worsening climate crisis. 

But forests have not received the global attention nor the capital to match the essential role they play in the climate equation.

We are at COP26 to change that.

Rainforest Partnership’s goal is to address this dangerous imbalance; turn the world’s eyes to our forests, to put (and keep!) forests at the top of global climate agendas, and to attract capital of all sorts to high-impact rainforest protection around the world.

Our team is calling for: 

  • Protection of standing forests recognized as an urgent, low-cost, nature-based climate solution.
  • Rising attention and resources for partnership-based work on the ground.
  • Youth leadership as a central tenet of government, corporate, and organizational climate solutions.
  • Global, cross-sectoral collaboration on an unprecedented scale.
  • Indigenous voices, rights, and models of stewardship honored as the blueprint for a thriving, balanced future.
  • Real plans, real strategy, real partnership, real action, real change

Meet our COP26 delegation of six, including 3 Gen Zers! 

Rosie Khan and Jamie Ziah, two of our Gen Z for the Trees leaders, Nia Gorbunova, our wonderful World Rainforest Day Coordinator (also Gen Z), our new board chair Ani Chahal Honan, two of our board members Lucia Gallardo and Lina Constantinovici, and founder and CEO Niyanta Spelman.

Gen Z for the Trees (Z4T) is an entirely youth-led initiative with a bold mission: end deforestation by 2030 by empowering young people to act for rainforest protection through their visionary leadership and commitment to hope, Gen Z for the Trees is shifting the narrative on climate change from despair to optimism and action. 

Rosie Khan and Jamie Ziah, co-leads of Gen Z for the Trees, hug and meet for the first time in person at COP26.
Rosie Khan and Jamie Ziah, co-leads of Gen Z for the Trees, meet for the first time in person at COP26!

We are proud to bring our youth leaders of Gen Z for the Trees to the COP, to put them front and center and make sure their voices are heard. They are powerful voices for accountability, collaboration, and real action; follow them at the COP, across our social platforms—you’ll discover firsthand how powerful and purposeful they are.

As we say at RP: Partnership is in our DNA. We’re at the COP to expand our ever-growing network of partners to create massive impact for forests the best way we know how: together. 

We’re going to keep you up to date on what’s happening at the COP, share our insights and ask for yours.  You don’t want to miss out on any of it.

So follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to keep up with our team in Glasgow.