Amplify Austin Day 2022

March 2, 2022

At Rainforest Partnership, we envision a future with thriving tropical rainforests that support a healthy, vibrant planet.

You are a valued part of our community and we know you are dedicated to investing in rainforest conservation. Because of your commitment to the causes we share, we invite you to this year’s Amplify Austin Day on March 2nd - 3rd!

During a single 24-hour period, from 6 pm March 2nd to 6 pm March 3rd, residents across Austin will come together to support local Austin-based nonprofit organizations.

Our goal for this year’s Amplify Austin Day is to raise 15,000 dollars to fund RP’s vital conservation work in the tropical rainforests of Peru, Ecuador, and Mexico.

Your gift will support our conservation and restoration work on the ground. Through your donation, we will be able to keep working in direct contact with local communities, training and supporting local people, creating and managing protected areas, building sustainable production practices and alternative income sources, and conducting ground-breaking conservation science.

Because of your continued and valuable support, we have made great progress in working towards our goal of ending deforestation before 2030. Through this year’s Amplify Austin Day, we want to keep amplifying science, amplifying rainforests, and amplifying our impact because the time for rainforests is now.

To help Rainforest Partnership reach our goal and continue our mission, you can donate through our Amplify Austin profile by clicking below.

Amplify science: A note from our scientist Pablo Venegas,

Through a collective effort between colleagues from Peru, Brazil,

and the US, we published a scientific paper describing two newly

discovered frog species from the Yungas ecoregion of Peru.

These species are endemic to the area, meaning that they're

found nowhere else on Earth.

Click here to read the full paper!

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Thank you for your valuable support.

With gratitude,

Rainforest Partnership