Women of the Rio Napo
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Women of the Rio Napo

Our goal: This project will generate economic resilience for women in indigenous communities along the Napo River (Rio Napo) in Ecuador, equipping them with greater resources and capacities to conserve their forest and the biodiversity within it. The Rio Napo flows deep in the heart of Ecuador’s lush and vast Amazon Rainforest. Groups of women are sustainably growing products on their chakras, including cacao, plantain, and guayusa, in harmony with the forest. Through their entrepreneurial leadership, these women are envisioning and forging new paths forward to expand opportunities for themselves and their families.

How does this project achieve our goal?

Agroforestry strengthens sustainable food production in forest systems without incentivizing deforestation, on a large enough scale to generate sustainable income for local and indigenous people. It also improves ecological stability, biodiversity, and soil health.

Our community partners protect over 149,500 acres of forest in one of the most biodiverse places in the world. This vast area of rainforest stores between 7.5 million tons to 9.7 million metric tons of carbon. The communities we are working with are: Isla Flor Amazónico, Munditi Urku, Sani Isla, Hatun Urku, and Flor de Pantano.

How it works

Who we work with

We coordinate trainings in each community on topics including sustainable cultivation and agroforestry, accessing markets, and drying and fermenting cacao, and support the women as they create sustainable enterprises that support themselves and the forest at the same time. 

Through the income generated, the women leading this project will be better able to support themselves and their families economically, promote education, pass down traditional practices, and equip the next generation of forest stewards with the tools and resources they need as long-term protectors of the Amazon Rainforest.

  1. Conservación y Desarrollo
  2. Yura Muyo

  • 104+ indigenous women leading agroforestry projects and generating income for themselves and their families
  • Workshops and farm field schools used to implement agroforestry and forest restoration plans
  • Long term protection and regeneration of 149,500 acres of the Amazon rainforest

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