Cloudforests of Toldopampa
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Cloudforests of Toldopampa

Our goal: This project will conserve the critical landscapes of the Toldopampa Cloudforests, by securing legal land tenure for local people and establishing conservation areas in the region.The cloudforests of Toldopampa hold incredibly rich and unique biodiversity. For example, we recently found a population of the critically endangered Yellow-tailed woolly monkey and a recent herpetological survey found an approximate of 8 species new to science in the region.

How does this project achieve our goal?

Because local communities are critical stewards of their lands and resources, guiding the establishment of a Regional Conservation Area and supporting legal land titling for local communities will protect and conserve ecosystem services, natural resources, and biodiversity. 

The cloudforests of Toldopampa provide vital ecosystem services, from soil nutrients supporting local agriculture to acting as a freshwater source feeding the Amazon basin, the health of this ecosystem affects many people and large areas of land. 

How it works

Who we work with

The project will ensure the long term financial sustainability of the Regional Conservation Area and strengthen monitoring and education within it, and support communications and sustainable economic activities in local communities.

Regional Government of Junín

  • Legal titling of communal territories
  • Strengthened services to local populations
  • Threatened species and ecosystems conserved and better protected

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