Protecting threatened primates: Regional Action Plan
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Protecting threatened primates: Regional Action Plan

Our goal: this project will protect the critically endangered yellow-tailed woolly monkey and the endangered Andean night monkey. In 2020, Amazonas became the first region with a Regional Action Plan for the Conservation of threatened Primates, a sub-national policy tool designed to implement the  National Plan for the Conservation of threatened primates in Peru.

How does this project achieve our goal?

Peru's National Plan for the Conservation of Threatened Primates needed regional plans to ensure the policy could be effectively implemented.

Government support for conservation efforts is vitally important, as they have the authority to support and enforce research, development, and conservation policy. Additionally, legal policies have a wide reach over time and space, ensuring cooperation and long-term commitment to conservation practices.

By supporting the creation and long-term viability of this plan to protect threatened primates, the project helps ensure lasting conservation of these unique species.

How it works

Who we work with

The Regional Action Plan brings together experts and leaders from different sectors to produce actionable commitments to protect the yellow-tailed woolly monkey Lagothrix flavicauda and the Andean night monkey Aotus miconax.

We are supporting the collaborative work of local and regional governments, campesino communities, NGOs, and scientists to unify efforts conserving these primates.

To ensure successful implementation and financial sustainability, we worked with the Regional Government of Amazonas to produce a public investment study—the first of its kind led by a regional government.

  1. Ministry of Environment
  2. Ministry of Economy and Finance
  3. Regional Government of Amazonas - Environmental Regional Authority (ARA)
  5. Yunkawasi
  6. Servicio Forestal y Fauna Silvestre - SERFOR
  7. Servicio Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas por el Estado - SERNANP
  8. Seven provincial governments
  9. Local campesino communities in Amazonas
  10. Red de Conservación Voluntaria de Amazonas - Red AMA
  11. Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza National University - Amazonas
  • Long term financial sustainability for the Regional Action Plan
  • Long term protection of two endangered primate species
  • Precedent set for other regional governments to conduct public investment studies for conservation policies

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