Tumbes Integrated Strategy
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Tumbes Integrated Strategy

Our goal: This project will develop long term strategy to strengthen conservation and natural resource management in the Region of Tumbes in Peru. The ecosystems along the Pacific Coast include forests of varying moisture levels, mangroves, rocky shores, beaches, coastal deserts, and some of the wettest rainforests on the planet. The wide range of diverse ecosystems that make up this hotspot create the conditions for the region’s rich biodiversity.

How does this project achieve our goal?

Policy tools, research, and implementation processes will strengthen the conservation and natural resource management efforts of the Regional Government of Tumbes.

By fostering stronger collaboration in local government spaces, this project will create the conditions for durable conservation policy, implementation, and management. 

Deforestation and unsustainable management of natural resources threatens the unique biodiversity and ecosystems in the region.

How it works

Who we work with

The Regional Government of Tumbes is promoting a management tool used to advance sustainable plans and implement protections for the region’s biodiversity, ecosystem services, and landscapes.

This tool, called the "Integrated Strategy for Biological Diversity, Climate Change, Desertification and Drought (2021-2026)" is supported by the Ministry of the Environment, the project "Initiative of Coastal Fisheries in Latin America," and several other actors active in sustainable management and conservation of the biosphere—one of which is Rainforest Partnership.

This collaboration between different entities and the leveraging of conservation tools will embed conservation and natural resource management into the governance of the region. The strategy will advance a variety of sustainable goals including: sustainable economic activities, improved land use and climate resilience, ecotourism, environmental education and research, and more.

  1. Regional Government Tumbes
  2. MINAM
  3. Yunkawasi

  • First time this tool will be used  on the Regional level to fulfill the objectives of the convection on Biological Diversity, Climate Change, and Fight against Desertification and Drought
  • Strategy and policy tools for long term conservation of the Region

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